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Bioengineers Find Novel Strategy for Pulp Regeneration

A recent study in the journal Scientific Reports describes a novel strategy proposed for endodontic pulp regeneration, which builds on previous research on larger vascular structures, to fabricate artificial capillaries for adaptation to endodontic dental procedures. Bioengineer researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), inspired by advances in 3D technology, developed a [...]

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Advances in Endodontics: A Quick View

Endodontics has experienced a rapid and extensive development of technical evolution over the last two decades. Here are just a few of the advancements we’ve seen: 1. Endodontic Imaging The shift from analog to digital continues as choices for digital imaging increase and costs decrease, especially for computed radiography. The advantages of digital imaging [...]

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Myths About Antibiotic Use in Endodontics

The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) cites ever-increasing evidence from current literature of antibiotic resistance in endodontic infections. According to recent studies, a generalized 44-fold increase in the prevalence of MRSA strains and a six-fold increase in the number of strains resistant to multiple antibiotics have prompted dental providers to examine some long-held traditions [...]

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Licorice Shows Promise in Preventing Oral Disease

Candy and good dental health aren’t generally two things that go hand-in-hand, but according to researchers at Laval University, licorice root may be worth a further look in both the prevention and treatment of common oral diseases. Licorice chinese herbal medicine including powder, chopped and sliced root and honey coated. Based on [...]

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Endodontics and Forensic Dentistry

The role of a forensic dentist revolves around identification. Many people are familiar with the concept of dental identification, but the complexities of the process are rarely understood. Dentist looking teeth on digital X-Ray computer monitor The system of belief of dental identification is that post-mortem dental remains can be compared with [...]

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Patients Urged to Choose Plastic Piercings Instead of Metal

Yet we probably all know that isn’t likely to happen. Despite the litany of issues that tongue and other oral piercings have been shown to cause, they’re still popular—especially with teenage patients. While we can’t eliminate these risks entirely, we can minimize them. In addition to stressing careful hygiene, it’s important to recommend that [...]

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Strange, but True!

Asthma Prevents Cavities? Tooth decay and asthma are the two most common chronic childhood diseases, according to the CDC. Strangely, a study by the Indiana University School of Dentistry found that children with asthma tend to have fewer cavities than those who don’t. The reason remains unknown. Good News for Chocoholics! Researchers at Osaka [...]

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Vitamin D Linked to Periodontal Health

Calcium has long been cited as a factor in developing and maintaining strong teeth, but according to new research, calcium has an important ally in enhancing periodontal health: vitamin D. In addition to aiding the body’s absorption of calcium, vitamin D has been found to increase the production of antimicrobial peptides, which are broad-spectrum [...]

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