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3D-Printed Dental Objects That Kill Microbes

The journal of Advanced Functional Materials recently published a report about the development of a 3D-printing application that can create an antimicrobial substrate for various dental applications. While 3D-printed objects are routinely created for a variety of clinical dental procedures, this innovation to add antimicrobial components to those printed objects may be a game [...]

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Enhancing Endodontic Treatment Through Preoperative Planning

It is not unusual for a full-time endodontic practice to devote up to 80% of its time to the retreatment of failed cases handled initially by general practitioners. A recent article in the Journal of Endodontics concluded the following sources of case failure noted during microscopic retreatment. The most common failure was due to [...]

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Genetics-Based Risk Assessment for Personalized Dental Care

A study conducted by Interleukin Genetics, Inc. gives new insights into the prevention of adult periodontal disease. The clinical application of risk-based genetic assessment represents a significant advancement in the personalized delivery of preventive dental care. Personalized prevention evaluations are possible based on an identifiable genetic marker, IL-1, which research indicates predisposes patients to [...]

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