What Is Endodontic Bleaching? Intra-Canal Bleaching and Whitening

Intra-canal teeth whitening or endodontic bleaching is a method of endodontic bleaching of pulp cavity and root canals by the introduction of a special whitening gel. Changes to pulp tissue from previous dental treatment can discolour a tooth, like after root canal treatment or with chronic gum disease, which creates a pinkish colour.

Endodontic whitening or bleaching is recommended if the tooth has changed colour as a result of untreated and complicated caries / cavities. It’s also often used when the root canal filling used coloured materials and in stubborn cases when whitening the outside of the teeth has no effect.

Endodontic bleaching is an extremely effective use of lightening procedures for discoloured teeth with measurable improvement in brightness and colour. Patients and endodontists love this procedure, and for good reason.

Photo teeth before and after bleaching and whitening - intra-canal bleaching and whitening