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The Inflammation Connection and Cardiovascular Heart Disease

An article in the Postgraduate Medical Journal by Bradley Bale, MD, and Amy Doneen, ARNP, illustrates the pathways of specific bacteria from dental infections and shows how they directly cause heart attacks and strokes. Now considered a landmark publication, the 2017 article "High-risk Periodontal Pathogens Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis” shifts dental pathogens [...]

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Where Is the End of the Apex?

Is today’s endodontic therapy best practice to obturate a root canal to the radiographic apex? Is anything short of that radiographic apex unacceptable? While some dental institutions still instruct that the root canal should be obturated to the radiographic apex, other clinical opinions differ on this subject. The anatomic reality and radiographic perceptions/limitations are [...]

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