Where Is the End of the Apex?

Is today’s endodontic therapy best practice to obturate a root canal to the radiographic apex? Is anything short of that radiographic apex unacceptable? While some dental institutions still instruct that the root canal should be obturated to the radiographic apex, other clinical opinions differ on this subject. The anatomic reality and radiographic perceptions/limitations are [...]

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C-Shaped Canals Present Challenges to Endodontic Success

A key component to successful endodontic treatment is the early recognition of unusual canal configurations — particularly in cleaning, shaping and obturation. A recent study conducted by the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics shows the main developmental issue that causes the C-shaped root formation is the failure of the Hertwig’s epithelial root sheath [...]

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Bioceramic Materials Redefine Endodontics

Advances with bioceramic materials in endodontic treatment now allow for new treatment choices and improvements in long-term success for endodontic patients. These materials possess extraordinary properties and use minimally invasive techniques, mainly with regard to the function of obturation, which is generally considered the weak link in the treatment process of sealing the canal. [...]

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