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What to expect after a root canal and the recommended steps for post-treatment care.

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We’ll Get to the Root of Your Problem.

You have likely come to our website because your family dentist has referred you to us for specialized endodontic treatment. Chances are, you require a root canal…

Relax, Root Canals Aren’t What They Used to Be.

We realize that you are likely in a fair bit of pain and discomfort and are dreading the thoughts of what comes next. You can relax. Modern root canal treatment is a quick and comfortable procedure these days thanks to advanced endodontic techniques designed to efficiently treat your tooth. Plus a number of sedation options are available to keep you relaxed and comfortable during a procedure.

You are in good hands. Endodontic Associates is one of the Greater Toronto Area’s oldest and largest endodontic practices. Our doctors and staff are committed to providing you the highest standard of care. We use state-of-the-art technology for diagnosis and treatment, while we also ensure a personalized and positive experience for you while under our care. Our ultimate goal is to save your natural teeth.

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When referring a patient to us, you can expect …

Expertise in Treatment
Ease of Patient Access
Excellent Follow-Up and Communication
Advanced Technologies and Experienced Clinicians and Staff

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Dental caries, commonly known as cavities or tooth decay, are commonly caused by an increased presence of unique bacteria such as streptococcus sobrinus or streptococcus mutans. Tech innovations in dental treatments aiming to reduce treatment time, minimize pain and increase affordability are a major factor projected to augment the growth of the endodontic market.

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Research on British Teeth Offers Insight into Ancient Diets

The analysis of proteins in dental calculus collected from the study of Britons’ teeth from the Iron Age to the modern era allows researchers to gain insight into evolving diets and lifestyles. An analysis of 100 archaeological samples in greater Britain, the recently deceased, and living dental patients showed evidence of plant proteins in about a third of all samples.

Victorian era samples showed plant-related proteins like oats, peas and vegetables in the cabbage family. Modern samples reflected a more global diet as evidenced by proteins related to potatoes, soybeans and peanuts, as well as milk proteins.
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